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Our Services

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1.Awareness campaigns

The understanding of cancer i.e., its treatability, preventability and how to deal with it is abysmally poor in our country. With direct communication like awareness programmes. KCS aims to raise basic understanding of the disease, such that it times the entire adult population will know what to do for prevention and how to get support for those affected with the disease.

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2. Screening

Screening is a way to identify suspect cases, Karnataka Cancer Society’s objective is to enhance population-based screening of the 3 most common cancers (Oral, Breast & Cervical), to encourage every adult to go for it. Clearly this monumental goal can only be achieved with involvement of multiple stakeholders; NGOs, public health centres, health care agencies, doctors and hospitals across Karnataka.


3. Cancer cure

Karnataka Cancer Society plays a very modest role in supporting treatment of some underprivileged patients in our empanelled hospitals in Bangalore. Wherever patients cannot bear the cost of treatment we refer to our enrolled hospitals and get the patients best possible discounts.